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This page gives a broad synopsis of the Zone that is open to exploration in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Map of The Zone v1.4007

Map of The Zone v1.30013 - 1.4005

The Zone

There are 30 maps or "levels" that make up The Zone in Lost Alpha. The player begins in the Cordon, which is considered to be the main entry point into The Zone, just beyond a military checkpoint on the main road. Each map is considerably larger than its Shadow of Chernobyl equivalent, ranging anywhere from 2-4 times the size of the original levels created by GSC Game World.

Each level has designated entry and exit points, which can be found when the player accesses the "Map" portion of their in-game PDA. Each faction has a different relationship with the other factions present in The Zone, sometimes friendly, neutral, or hostile. These relationships also evolve during the Game.

In addition to the other factions in The Zone, a variety of mutants can also be found within all areas of The Zone, with more "newbie" areas being populated by Blind dogs, Boars, Fleshes, and Pseudodogs while the more "veteran" areas see the more aggressive and difficult mutants such as the infamous Bloodsuckers, Poltergeists, Pseudogiants, and Chimera.

List of Areas Within The Zone

Places of Interest

  • Within the various levels there are a plethora of minor locations.
  • For a more detailed list see Interesting Places.

Level Transitions

  • These are denoted by broken white circles which usually are seen at the edges of the various Maps.
  • Players will find that these are not always passable due to plot and storyline restrictions.
  • Some are passable with vehicles some are not.
  • Some are passable in a vehicle in one direction but not in the other.
  • The player will be blocked from entering Yantar with a vehicle from all entrances except the one from dead city. Keep in mind that you will only be able to move all the way from Rostok-Bar to Yantar after the mission contact has been started and the player has access to military warehouses.
  • Some transitions are bugged and place the player facing the wrong way (CNPP to Radar)
  • A few may be approached from outside of the normal Level confines due to existing map exploits and traversed out of step with normal Game play (Forgotten, Great Metal Factory, Yantar and Radar)

Level Maps