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Yantar is a major location appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone Mod.


  • The Yantar of Lost Alpha bears little resemblance to the same location in the Base Game and far more to the cut level previously seen in Build 1935 Old Yantar.
  • X16 no longer resides in the level. Instead, the area has been replaced with a giant tunnel system and train platform.
  • The entire area is a dried up, over-pumped lake, with junk pockets lying around the map.
  • During early stages of the game access to the level is prohibited (the Bar to Yantar gate being blocked) or just "difficult" (see Main Mission Strategy for subversion details via Construction Site)
  • Far more practical early entry may be gained by approaching the 'blocked' transition noted above from the platform. This can be manipulated to trigger the levelchanger (hattip to Tejas Stalker)


Bandit Village

Loner Village

Duty Boathouse

  • A small, derelict, occupied boat launching house, located near the south of the map.
  • Populated with eight Duty troopers including their leader for this map, Greben.

Radar Station

  • A large, derelict science station, located in the center of the map.
  • Populated with around twelve Military soldiers.

Sakharov's Bunker

Yantar Underground

  • A widespread tunnel system below Yantar.
  • Two storyline missions take place here.

Notable Locations

Motor Pool

  • Found near the northern entrance to the Great Metal Factory.
  • It consists of a small courtyard with a service building and a nearby maintenance area inhabited by five Bandits.

Yantar Military Stores

  • A small, derelict military outpost that once housed an elevator down to Yantar Underground, located in the north portion of the map (just above Radar Station complex)
  • Becomes occupied by Loners later on.

Military Scrapyard


Generally speaking, whichever version of the game is being played:
  1. Finding a Not adjusted psi-helmet,
  2. Bringing the Maddog Crystal to Sakharov..,
  3. Bringing an assortment of other junk to the same individual ...,
  4. ..Who claims to be able to "fix" the player's PDA.

Side Missions

  • There are nine repeatable side missions, given by professor Sakharov:
Conditional upon the courier mission being given:
Conditional upon the "PDA parts" sequence being given:
Conditional on the PDA being 'fixed':
  • Another storyline side mission may be given to the player after returning the package to Sakharov by the Rookie loner Oleg Rugov who spawns near the the underground entrance.
  • A further storyline side mission is available (in addition to those listed above) if the player joins Duty and executes the Duty fork within the storyline:
  • During the early Find yantar recon team mission, additional work of a 'personal nature' may be undertaken for Greben to Find Greben's stolen stuff; the reward for which are a few rank points, a few relation points (with Duty) and a Stone Blood.
  • Players should be aware that this will require disproportionate resource expenditure.

Notable Loot


  • There are Blowout shelters within the level but they sometimes seem remote and difficult to reach. Traveling light is always an advantage.
  • Unfortunately due to a design oversight, there are no blowout shelters in the Loner Village.
  • Since there is no shelter within the Loner Village this can result in Father Diodor being caught in a Blowout and removed from the game. Since he starts out locked behind a door trying to get out, with care he can be asked for repairs etc., without letting him out to wander to his death in a Blowout.
  • It is possible to gain surreptitious access to this level from Construction Site.
  • In the Developer's Cut version, the underground was changed, and the dried lake received reeds and more vegetation.