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The Xray PDA Skills module is a device featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

This module was specifically designed to view your personal achievements earned while exploring the Zone. It also allows you to view training metrics and health conditions, etc.
- Inventory description


v1.30013 - 1.3003:
  • Unavailable.
  • Potentially coded, but declared as a possibly flawed construct in the release notes.
  • Not implemented within these releases.
v1.4002 - 1.4005:
  • Skill points introduced.
  • Given to the player as a reward for completing Proverb's initial Cleaning tasks.
  • Game limited to around nine skill points ("experience points")
  • Utilized in an identical manner to the Xray PDA Downloads module, i.e. by clicking and using.
  • Once 'fitted' to the player's PDA, the player is able to assign the 'experience points' earned during progression through the storyline after completing various quests.
  • Fitted as standard to the player's PDA (otherwise unavailable)
  • Available skill points increased with a ten point bonus for transitioning to Freeplay.


All applicable versions:
These Skill points may be assigned at the player's discretion between four parameters that affect the player's various strengths; these being:
  • Barter - to progressively gain trading advantages with other NPCs.
Each point of skill modifies the sale or buy price by 5% to a maximum discount of 35%.
  • Endurance - to increase permitted carry weight. This confers benefits in three areas:
Each point of skill enhances the carry weight for the player by 2.5kg from the default 35kg to a maximum value of 60kg.
Each point of skill enhances the walk weight for the player by 3.5kg from the default 50kgto a maximum value of 85kg.
Each point of skill enhances the sprint factor for the player by about 4% from a minimum of 2.06 to a maximum value of 2.5. (This is cumulative with any other sprint enhancements the player may have access to)
All three factors are progressively modified at the same time as a skill point is assigned. They are also cumulative with any relevant Armour enhancements.
  • Sharpshooter - to enhance better fire control by reducing firearm wander. This affects the 'dispersion' and 'zoom inertion' parameters experienced by the player's actor (both factors operate in an inverse manner):
Each point of skill enhances the dispersion factor for the player from the default 1.0 (no change), to a minimum value of 0.4
Each point of skill enhances the zoom inertion factor for the player from the default 1.0 (no change), to a minimum value of zero (steady as a rock)
  • Survivor - to increase the player's hit point ceiling and increase the chance to obtain stash info:
Each point of skill enhances the stash percent factor for the player from the default 8, to a maximum value of 30.
Each point of skill enhances the bullet immunity factor of the player in 5% increments, from the default 1.0 (no change), to a minimum value of 0.65
  • Once assigned, a point may not be unassigned and reused to adjust another skill parameter.
  • A maximum of only TEN points may be assigned to any given skill.
  • Similarly, the player is not obligated to actually use the accrued points.


The controlling .ltx file seems to remain as the "la_skills.ltx" file located in /gameroot/config/lost_alpha/ and appears to control the four principle 'skill categories' in various modes.

The text body of the file is short and as follows:

;--/ Skills data
;--/ Last edit: 05.08.2016 [SkyLoader]
minimum_value				= 1
maximum_value				= 0.65

minimum_max_weight			= 35
maximum_max_weight			= 60

minimum_max_walk_weight		= 50
maximum_max_walk_weight		= 85

minimum_sprint_factor		= 2.06
maximum_sprint_factor		= 2.5

minimum_dispersion			= 1
maximum_dispersion			= 0.4

minimum_zoom_inertion		= 1
maximum_zoom_inertion		= 0

minimum_stash_percent		= 8
maximum_stash_percent		= 30

minimum_immunity_coeff		= 1
maximum_immunity_coeff		= 0.65


  • Coded, but not implemented as far as version v1.3003 is concerned.
  • Became available for use in the Developer's Cut (v1.4000+)