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The Xray PDA Downloads module is a device featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

This module allows you to store all downloaded information from computers, supports wi-fi and remote access via systems based on Linux.
- Inventory description


  • The quote summarizes the device properties quite accurately.


  • Many stalkers have ventured into the Lost Alpha Zone, adventured mightily, only to discover that their Quest is impossible without one of these essential items.


  • The item must be connected to the player's PDA.
  • Connection is an irreversible process.
  • More than one unit may be so connected but perform no additional benefit nor provide any more abilities.
  • Either right-click on the icon in inventory and select 'use', or double-click on it to install to the PDA.


  • Most Storyline trajectories will lead the player to Veles who will give the player one of these items for free.
  • If the player takes some alternate paths through the game this will not always be a possibility (Joining Duty, for example) or convenient to the player and a module will need to be purchased from a Trader, usually at a marked-up price of at least 8000 Ru, but certainly not less then this during the early game.