Wolf's Stash Wagon is a minor location in the Garbage in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

I lost a key in the underground tunnel near Petruha's old camp. I was sleeping in one of the rooms close to the entrance and when I woke it was gone. Must have fallen out my pocket. It opens a wagon on Garbage near the enterance to the Bar. I stashed a whole lot of stuff in boxes in the wagon. Find the key and the stash is yours. Return the key to me and I will give you an added bonus. What do you say?
- Wolf, Find the missing wagon key

Overview Edit

  • A simple wagon that holds Wolf's Stash, located to the left of the Duty Checkpoint.

Storyline Edit

  • No storyline events take place at this location.

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Notable Loot Edit

Notes Edit

  • The location also functions as a blowout shelter.
  • The door will open for blowouts even if it has not yet been unlocked by the player.
  • Once unlocked and the key has been returned, the wagon door remains unlocked.

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