An anomaly of unknown nature. On contact inflicts injuries similar to the effects of a strong acid. Forms three types of artifacts: Slime, Slug, and Mica.
- Encyclopedia description


  • A widely observed anomaly throughout the Lost Alpha Zone.


  • Although fairly easy to spot visually or audibly with a suitable detector, the effective radius of the anomaly may extend outward beyond the visible manifestation and be easily triggered by inexperienced stalkers.


  • This is referred to as "Fruit Punch" in the retail game. For LA the renaming is probably intended to be a tribute to anomalies mentioned in the book 'Roadside Picnic'.
  • Gamefile data refers to this anomaly as "zone_buzz" and assigned a class value of 'ZS_MBALD', rather than referring to it as the more intuitive "zone_withchesgalantine" (which is used for Electro anomalies) To further confuse the issue, the artifacts are referred to as af_ameba_slime, af_ameba_slug and af_ameba_mica although they are unconnected with the "zone_ameba" anomaly, which spawns Thorn, Crystal Thorn and Urchin artifacts.
  • Later gamefiles also have "zone_isparenie" performing spawns similar to "zone_buzz" (v1.4002+)[Fact?]
(It would be appreciated if players could help clarify this develomental 
quagmire by reporting their spawn finds with reference to
the console prompt to determine which of these anomalies yield results)