Wild Territory is a minor location found in the Great Metal Factory, appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


  • This area has been combined with Great Metal Factory to form one giant area.
  • The area is extensively different from its retail counterpart.
  • It has had numerous flora/fauna changes as well as having a high volume of junk and vehicles spread round the entire area.
  • There is no longer an Ecologist / Mercenaries battle going on, nor any of the battle's landscape "scars" (props, bodies etc).
  • The Electro anomalies outside the train hanger have now been removed.
  • The tunnel full of Burner anomalies has also been completely cleared.
  • The Crater Building has now been given a door and its radioactivity removed (as well as all the flora inside).
  • While the crater full of Springboard anomalies still remains, there are far fewer of them, making it more accessible.
  • Yantar's entrance has now been moved to the top of the map and its original has now been replaced with Construction Site's entrance.


  • Although no storyline missions take place at this location, the player will have to pass through it on multiple occasions to progress through the storyline chain.

Side Missions

Notable Loot

The whole of the level is littered with first tier artifacts.
Green hut next to entrance:
Garage next to entrance:
x1 Slug
Train platform roof inside metal boxes:
Hut next to train tracks (near Yantar entrance):
  • x1 Stone Blood just outside Yantar's entrance.
  • x1 Meat Chunk can sometimes be found next to the train, directly left of the northern bandit camp (random spawn)
  • A Fireball is located inside the end of some pipes close to the Yantar exit (fixed spawn)
  • x1 Liquid Fuel inside a green shed with a campfire at the back.
Inside a packing crate located outside the second Bandit Camp:

Roof of the building site next to the Bandit Camp:


  • In order to gain access to the train platform roof, the player will have to climb up the watch tower and jump over.
  • The Wrenched and Crystal artifacts usually fall through to the platform below when destroying the boxes.


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