Veles is a supporting character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

I am Veles, leader of Sin. You cannot simply WALK into MY mines like that, stalker. Now, tell us your story - dare lie and we will simply use your body as a benchmark for the human body's pliability
- Veles to player


  • He is the leader of the Sin faction and has direct impact on the story of the Lost Alpha. He sends Strelok to do him a few favors in the Dark Valley and at the Rostok Factory. He could be added to the list of one of the first stalkers in the Zone since the accidents surrounding his stay in the mines are connected to the Zone's explosion which marked the beginning of stalkers entering the Zone.


Lost Alpha Edit

  • He is the leader of the Sin faction located in Darkscape. He never moved from his mines and doesn't like foreigners traveling trough "his" mines. Described as "disillusioned and pragmatic". Veles has no qualms regrading moral dilemmas and thinks the end justifies the means. However, he keeps his misanthropy in check whether he reflects upon important matters, and he finds meaningless bloodshed distasteful.

Missions given in Lost Alpha Edit