Found an error in price of the Artifact_Merger.  It sells for 40,000RU not the 20,000RU previously stated. Corrected it and added an image of the Trade  to validate the change. Feel free to delete the image after reviewing the change.  It's administrative in nature and doesn't contribute to content. 

After thought, to confirm sale price:

Artifact Merger Selling Price

Artifact Merger Selling Price

Additionally, did a change in height size cause the display of 'Items' & 'Quest_Items' to be screwed up?  Doesn't appear to be a job in progress, or one half done.  Am betting it's a typo in the height size of the Infobox display.  Which means it could be a single entry needing to be corrected.

Items Displays Compare

Comparison of the 3 displays

The pic to the left displays the three diplays, Items, Quest Items and Artifact Merger.