Just recently I encountered a CTD (crash to desktop) while in Freeplay.

What happened?

On my way to the Bandit's Village I changed from Military Warehouses to Dead City. While crossing the bridge right after the transition the game suddenly crashed and threw me back to the desktop.

First analysis

In <LA_Dir>/appdata/logs/xray_<user>.log the reason for the crash became a bit clearer:

$ LA_DBG:[89272] ABORT ~~> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

$ LA_DBG:[89272] [error]ABORT CALLED:

$ LA_DBG:[89272] [error]From: gamedata\scripts\trade_manager.script in function 'update' (124)

$ LA_DBG:[89272] [error]Line: 131

$ LA_DBG:[89272] [error]Description: trade_manager:tm:update:NPC=[cit_trader_terrain_trader]~Wrong section in buy_condition condlist!:<Error!>

$ LA_DBG:[89272] ABORT:

stack traceback:

.... - lost alpha\gamedata\scripts\trade_manager.script:131: in function 'update'

...r. - lost alpha\gamedata\scripts\bind_stalker.script:170: in function <...r. - lost alpha\gamedata\scripts\bind_stalker.script:150>

$ LA_DBG:[89272] ABORT ~~< ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

$ LA_DBG:[89272] ABORT ~~x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

! killer_sell_after_yan has invalid section outfit_exo_m1

! killer_sell_after_yan has invalid section wpn_abakan_m2

! killer_sell_after_yan has invalid section wpn_l85_m2

It seems I was not the first one experiencing the crash ([1], in German).

Quick'n'dirty Fix

As I have just a rough idea how the LA coding works I tried several changes to some files, but finally only sledgehammer tactics worked. In <LA_Dir>/gamedata/config/misc/trade_killer2.ltx I deleted line 3:

sell_condition = {+yan_bar_help_start}killer_sell_after_yan, {+bar_meet_barman_done}killer_sell_after_barman, {-forg_merc_unfriendly}killer_sell_start

Not sure what side effects this will have (wild guess: Milo will no longer sell to me), so I will definitely remove the fix before the next new game. But for the time being I am able to enter Dead City and hunt for Borzij.