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I really like Lost Alpha...

(Everyone fell over in apoplectic fits)

But how do you have more fun with your game if you pretty much know "how it all hangs?"

You start again - and mercilessly CHEAT.. Will this fill you with honour? (Nope)

  1. Will it make you a better player (unlikely)
  2. Will you have regrets (probably)

New Game


  • Well we've done this "woolly jacket jive" dozens of times and that cupboard doesn't even have a damn knife in it anymore..
  • So, about 100msec after getting the heads up to Kill Strelok (i.e. off yourself in the finest traditions of psyops)...
  • We say - in unison - f**k this for a broken game of soldiers.
  • Instead, we hit the P key - like this sounds better - remember that "jumping the levels" is a thing, and hit the console button (usually the one directly above your TAB key)
  • Previously we memorized that "jump_to_level la13u_oso" transports us out of Siddie's comfy bedroom directly to what pathetically passes for the Oso anteroom as seen in Victory ending (no longer available due to 'cuts')
  • You walk into the Oso and transport back to where you were moments before.
  • But this is too too easy. Wake up, jump to the end.. Game Over - right?

Wake up Again

  • In Freeplay no less. Nothing revolutionary here.
  • You still have no Money.
  • You still have no knife.
  • Come to think of it - you only have that green woolly jumper between you and your first antagonist (with a bullet or claws)
  • Here's what you can expect:
  1. Being in Freeplay, Sidorovich - who you haven't yet met - will be selling just about everything.
  2. You 'completed the game' - so you should be on good terms with the Military.
  3. Maybe you could just sashay down to that checkpoint and 'liberate' 50000 beans...
  4. You know the combo (4-7-1)
  5. Failing that - there's a stiff up above (you'll run into dipshit Proverb on the way) who gives the mission to Find the three numbers to the safe code...
  6. Alternatively, just access the LA: Tools Kit and spawn a million rubles of Money. might help buying crap upstairs.. (where you STILL haven't been yet)
  7. Not forgetting for a moment that the second time you "woked" - you "woke" with TEN Skill points that you may assign as wished.
  8. Might as well have another look at that "Tools Kit" - press on the 'Prohibited Skull' icon somewhere and get some basic kit...
  • You still need to buy a damn knife ....

Go upstairs

  • At this point you might be wondering: "Why bother".
  • Good question.