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No, not taken from your favorite president's summer vacation photo album.

About Me

  • I live in the northern part of Germany, near the beautiful town of Hamburg.
  • My rent is paid by a job as technology consultant for an international software company.
  • My first encounter with computer games was on a C64, followed by an A2000 (Deluxe Galaga, anyone?), various PCs and a PS4.
  • All-time favorite game is Civ2, still running in W2000-VM.
  • Other games I like are Half-Life (the whole universe), Fallout (3 and NV, 4 waiting to be played), Resistance (FoM) and of course the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.

My favorite pages

Me playing LA DC

  • First of all: yes, I am cheating. In v1.4002 I did raise the weight limit and installed Realistic Damage, because I play the game for the fun and not for self-punishment. Though in my third game (v1.4005) I played a vanilla installation without any mods or cheats - and indeed it was not too bad (without cheats or mods, I mean. v1.4005 in general is no fun, no discussion).
  • In my first game (v1.4002) I just played "Let's see what happens!" and ended up with a list full of unfinished tasks and a crash during the transition to freeplay. I did explore all levels, crushed every crate and looked behind every furniture item, but learned that this costs an enormous amount of time.
  • In my second game (also v1.4002) I tried to "Play by the book", do and get everything in the right order. This worked so far until Find the documents (Yantar)... Nevertheless I was able to finish the "normal good ending" and transfer to freeplay, only to find out that freeplay is ...ehh... overrated.
  • In my third game (v1.4005) I tried a mixture between both playing styles, mainly to see what had changed in the new release and have a good time.

Favourite Gun

  • Before Pripyat Underground I usually stick with the Akm 74/2U special, looted from the second wave of military assault during Save Mole. It does not degrade, is very accurate and ammo is plentiful.
  • On leaving Radar towards Pripyat I switch to the FT 200M, more from habit than reason GP 37, as the FT 200M has such a shabby scope.
  • Additionally I always carry a Chaser 13 with buckshot.
  • I do use handguns mainly for crushing crates and boxes and cleaning the occasional rat, cat, rodent or blind dog infestation. I usually start with a Walker P9m 9x18 and switch to the Martha (again, habit instead of reason).
  • Of course, all weapons fully upgraded by Fox, my technician of choice.