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What's not to like about a Military armored suit?
- Byte Me, right after the RPG shell hit
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About me

  • An old fart playing a subversion of SHOC might not be too unfair [Fact?]


  • Never thought that between SoC and LA I would give up my treasured Vintar BC for an SGI 5k tweaked for accuracy or a TRs 301 similarly tweaked. After a while though, I just settled for the Akm 74/2 "found" in the Garbage. An astonishingly accurate longarm after Fox has given it his attentions; devastating with the 'free' PSO-1 scope from the wanky sniper..
  • Not funny nerfing the Vintar like that DEZ - (hope you're listening) but the infradig line from Ghost that "You used to like this weapon" WAS FUNNY. But seriously, what's the cheapskate idea of screwing over everyone's favourite death-stick? It worked just fine in Priboi Story...
  • Never EVER EVER thought that I'd carry a handgun to the NPP! But an HPSS-1m that can mag 17 shots has serious uses. It even upsets snorks.. if I can't whip out the 9-shot Chaser 13.
  • With more experience, fun though the Browning is, just a tweaked Fort 16 will cut the mustard (also pisses snorks off)
  • The papièr maché Skat-9 military armoured suit that weighed 10kg and fell apart after 2 tuskings was also quite amusing. I want my 36,000 Ru back man.
But thanks for a seriously great standalone MOD. Works for me...
  • Now stop hiding in anonymity, get yer asses back in gear, and actually MAKE the (vapourware) Director's Cut.

Favourite Gun

  • SGI 5k with TRs 301 a close second on a budget day, but the more I play the more I find I'm going to the end of the game with the super-accurate Akm 74/2 scoped all-rounder.
  • HPSS-1m - works off crappy 9x19mm FMJ and unloads 17! Srsly economical vs Ratz not so hot vs the Zombies, so would like the 2kg 9-shot all-singing all shootin' Chaser 13, the Bloodsucker blaster.

"Wouldn't I like a nice SPSA14 or the threaded variant?".


Too heavy - suicidal in a Military armored suit - sooner have more ammo for the SGI 5k, which I would prefer to be lighter anyway.. even a second cut-weight HPSS-1m (0.65 kg) would be better.

Favourite fallback option

Favourite artifact


Developer's / Director's Cut

A little rewrite to update my preferences after playing a few DC games to reflect the experienced alterations in 'balance'.

  • All suits and weapons seem to have CoP style upgrade paths and many of the LA suits are discontinued. A seemingly arbitrary mixture of SoC, CS and Cop armour now seems available, the upgrades seem to work and the stats are in good - if not perfect - agreement with what you think your actor is 'buying'.
  • There are additional Storyline threads, more Side Missions and many levels have had tweaks or extensions.
  • More wildlife and alife allows the player more flexibility in combat than previously seen:
Opponents may be:
  1. Eliminated actively in the usual manner, although knife fights are now a real possibility..
  2. More easily lured into anomalies if they are mutants, with corresponding better results (see Artifact Spawns for more detail) However, none of this is revolutionary, and could easily have been introduced as a small maintenance patch for v1.3003.
  3. Left by the player to exercise their alife "feelings and "animosities" and fight amongst themselves as the player looks on...
  • But it has to be asked in light of the original Dez0wave teaser seen on the Lost Alpha Wiki frontpage; where is all of this going after nine years?
  • This isn't the "Old forgotten Stalker", it's something else. It's mission creep.

Favourite Guns

Backup choices

Provided you get your rupture and bleeding under control (i.e. 100% Rup and neutral or better for the Bleed, you can wade into ANY mutant pack with the Knife.
  • No need to bother with such artifice as "invulnerable" or "infinite ammo", just wade in and slash... (see Gallery below)

Legacy Note

  • Much as I like the developments (sic) that have been added for this version (v1.4002), it has to be stressed that the much heralded bugfix that was "being released at the end of the week" is now FOUR MONTHS overdue... the Dez0wave site changelog has remained unmodified for even longer[Fact?]

... and pretty much ZERO commentary is now posted over on GSC Forums relating to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha as far as DC goes.

  • In light of this sad 'development' (sic again) - a casual observer might be forgiven for thinking that the Developer's Cut may remain as an unstable, highly buggy "work in progress" without the prospect of any meaningful "fix" or "upgrade" and that S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha v1.3003 will remain as its last stable iteration.
  • Personally, I would consider this a tragedy.
  • But after nearly TEN YEARS in development, some honest talking might clear the air.
(Legacy note added 29102017)

Awards and Medals

Congratulations. Liquidator award received on the 24th December 2014.

Handed over by MindFreak1987™ 16:56, December 24, 2014 (UTC)

The Liquidator medal is the highest honorary title on the Lost Alpha wiki.

The Liquidator medal is the highest honorary title on the Lost Alpha wiki.


  • The internet was "milnet", unavailable to mere motals because it had only been excreted by DARPA in 1959 (ignore Cisco proaganda claiming 1969) The actual punch-up was a total classic that gets warmed up by minute 16. You KNOW who won. But did you ever get to watch it at 04:00 ZULU via Telstar? in the depths of the Cold War.
  • Thought not.