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Ugrymiy is a character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.



  • If the Bandit Trader is no more and Barkeep has decamped to the Outskirts bar, this will be the only trader available to the player between Sidorovich and Skinflint, prior to Petrenko changing factions.
  • As with many traders his comm signal is cloaked so no bio is available.
  • The most notable item that may be on sale is the Military armored suit for 80000 Ru.
  • He can be disposed of and his possessions looted just before the X10 mission:
    • WIth Nomad's Belongings and Meet the Patriarch missions active, get the belongings first, then meet the Patriarch to activate 4 minute countdown to blowout
    • Get in a car and drive to Army Warehouses
    • Drive to Ugrymiy's bunker and stand in front of the bar when the countdown reaches zero
    • All stalker in the village will die, and Ugrymiy's corpse will be lootable through a slit in the bar[Fact?]
(How is this not game breaking?) 


  • The bouncer from the Bar, Garik sets up as protection for Ugrymiy after the Rostok attack.