UAZ (Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod) is an automobile manufacturer based in Ulyanovsk, Russia which makes SUVs, buses, trucks and jeeps. Production started in 1941.

By mid-60s, the new management of the plant completed development of first original UAZ cars. The GAZ-69 offroad vehicle was replaced by UAZ-469. UAZ-469 was very similar in design to the original Jeep - a sturdy, but not-so-comfortable car that was able to drive in virtually any terrain and was easy to fix. The Uaz-469 reached legendary status for its reliability and off-road ability. The car didn't enter the personal use market until late 80s and was reserved for police forces and paramilitary (its commercially-available analog was produced by LuAZ, which was too close to border to be associated with the military)


  • This will not be the first vehicle that the player has access to but it may become a favourite due to its pretty widespread availability.
  • These are notably found in working condition at either end of Darkscape and the Lost Factory end of Countryside although the latter case is often unusable.
  • They are rugged off-road vehicles that can reach a surprisingly varied set of locales. Even the Swamps and Pripyat Stadium can be traversed.
  • They are resistant to inadvertent brushes with most anomalies and can survive impressive falls after being hoisted by Vortex and other gravitational anomalies.
  • When rolled on its side, the UAZ Jeep can usually crawl back upright using the engine.
  • Removing very heavy objects from the storage, such as Fuel Barrels, causes the rear of the car to jump upward. It is recommended to carry several barrels around for working the rear wheels free of obstacles and entangled corpses.
  • There is a bug where the vehicle will be stuck after being left idle for long durations. A bit problematic in certain situations, but can be fixed by leaving one area and returning through the transit zone. Reloading a previous save is also a possible fix.
  • Even though the Jeep is more rugged and traverse able than other cars in the game, when going up steep inclines the engine will stall out and could possibly result in the player rolling very fast back down the incline and hitting something causing damage.


  • It is possible to be landed "out-of-bounds" in the Badlands after being thrown by an anomaly.
  • The vehicle may be overturned by poor driving on slopes or by mutant charges - even by Blind Dogs. The UAZ Jeep can be righted again by a number of methods, including pushing near the rear to spin the car like a top until it precesses into a collision or rolls down a slope.
  • Perfect looking Jeeps have a habit of losing attachments; notably the spare wheel, front bumper assembly and the side mirror.
  • Doors may cease functioning too, necessitating 'climb-over' solutions from the other door.