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The Zone Files is a collection of articles that describe the scene of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

We try to carry out comprehensive studies of the Zone. Our specialists and laboratory technicians are not only working in dusty laboratory facilities, but also carry out field researches. Some of the exposures cannot be registered in laboratory conditions, some "material" is simply unavailable. It happens that the response from the test subjects and from yourself can be noted outside only.
- An unknown Yantar Ecologist
Whatever you've come to suspect is a half-truth.
- Guide


Quoting the guidelines, the principle aim of this wiki "is to document the game in order to build a comprehensive reference base that will assist players cross reference various aspects and nuances that are found during their experience in the Zone. This also would include information of an arcane nature buried in the game files".

A good introduction to the game in general is S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha, giving a brief overview. The articles about levels, factions, anomalies, armour and weapons and others are the reference base.

The information of an arcane nature, dug out by investigative fellow Stalkers from the depth of the game files, is also documented in this wiki. Sometimes the articles are hard to find, as they don't fit the reference-base-type structure. This article is intended to collect references to this valuable information and give open-minded Stalkers the chance to get a deeper insight into S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Game concepts

The articles in this section describe how certain aspects of the game work on a conceptual level.


Freeplay · Badlands · Blowout · Enlightered documents · Secret documents · Upgrades data for technicians


HUD · Night vision · Skill points

Non-player characters (NPC)

Factions · Trader · Technicians · Guides · Loner camps


Artifact Spawns · Anomaly Fields

Other items

Items · Vehicles · Mutants · Placements · Money


LA Lore · Common Consciousness · The Group · Timeline · Cut content

Game strategy

The articles in this section describe the different strategies players may follow in the game. Attention, spoiler alert! Do not use them as guides to play through the game as fast as possible but as inspiration for your own way through the Zone.

Storyline · Main Mission Strategy · Side Missions · Joining Duty · Loner routes · Endings · Vehicle Routes

Game mechanics

The articles in this section describe how certain aspects of the game work on a technical level.

Artifact Parameters · Weapon Statistics · Food and drink facts

Under the hood

The articles in this section describe technical aspects of the computer game itself.

Version history · Releases and Patches · Browsing the gamefiles · Tweaking the game · Bugfixing


The articles in this section describe ways to cheat. The decision to cheat is absolutely at your discretion (and is sometimes even essential to remediate bugs).

Cheating Stalker's Guide For Jumping The Levels · LA: Tools Kit · Fake inventory box · Passwords