The Group (Rus: Группа) was an unofficial name for a clandestine research organization formed in the Chernobyl Zone of Exclusion following the collapse of the Soviet Union.


The fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 did nothing to hinder the work of Soviet researchers in the Zone. To the contrary, the weakened government of an independent Ukraine proved unable to investigate rumors of strange experiments taking place in the Zone, and also put a stop to them. Though many research projects were discontinued; several project leaders were unwilling to stop their research and continued their work into developing psychotropic weapons, and founded the Group. At various laboratories in the Zone, the Group researched psychic weapons and the noosphere, whose existence was established in the way of a trans-global experiment. The Group focused their research in this direction and other matters, such as the influence of psychic/informational field radiation on human beings and researching mutations thus induced using Kaymanov emitters, psychic radiation emitted by living beings, as well as large scale psychic manipulation via the Rainbow emitter (which became known much later as the Brain Scorcher).