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This Infobox template is used to document the factions in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Parameter overview

  • name – usually leaving it blank is a good idea. If left blank {{PAGENAME}} is assumed. Unless one wants the infobox name be different than the pagename leave blank.
  • image – does not need wikilinks. When listing your image, simply enter its name without "File:" preceding it and without surrounding brackets, i.e. "Lr300.png", not "[[File:Lr300.png]]" or "File:Lr300.png". image2 is top-lower image.
  • imagedesc – a description that appears under the images.
  • founder – founder of the faction
  • leader – leader(s) of the faction
  • headquarters – specific location of the factions's headquarter
  • locations – general location like Cordon or Zaton etc. where members of that faction can be met
  • members – notable members of the faction
  • related – other factions the faction is related to
  • enemies – other factions being enemies to the faction
  • allies – other factions the faction is allied with
  • neutral – other factions the faction is neutral to
  • note – a place for additional comment if necessary

Example usage

{{Infobox Faction
|name         = Order of the Bread
|image        = LA_Icon_Bread.png
|imagedesc    = Faction emblem
|founder      = [[Hermit]]
|leader       = [[Deedee]]
|headquarters = [[Tuzla Tunnel]]
|locations    = Every [[Zones|zone]]
|members      = [[Rodent]]
|related      = [[Diet sausage]]
|enemies      = [[Knife]]
|allies       = [[Tourist's Delight]]
|neutral      = [[Energy drink]]
|note         = This is just an example

Copy this in Source Mode

Copy and paste the following code into the top of the article, filling the appropriate fields. Omitted or blank fields in most cases will not be shown on the article page.

{{Infobox Faction
|name         = 
|image        = 
|imagedesc    = 
|founder      = 
|leader       = 
|headquarters = 
|locations    = 
|members      = 
|related      = 
|enemies      = 
|allies       = 
|neutral      = 
|note         =