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Talk with the scientist} is a storyline task that is assigned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Marked One, the Ecologists in Yantar need someone who is good enough to help them with a problem and I thought of you. Go and talk to Sakharov, you will be rewarded for this, plus maybe they can help you to fix your pda, which might help you to remember more about your past.
- Sidorovich, Mission briefing

Exceptional Major! You not only got what we needed, but also helped us give Sin a false sense of security! You've earned my praise,I am proud of you. And for that, I bestow upon you a special weapon! Ivancov is waiting for you. By the way, Sid said the Ecos in Yantar need help with something, go see if you can help them.
- Voronin, Mission briefing


  • There are three distinct routes that satisfy this task, although the end is always determined when Sakharov is finally met and dialogue entered into.

Mission Acquisition=




  • In the third case the mission is not assigned at all.
  • As outlined in the Forgotten trivia section:
  • Players who wish to get to Yantar before the game scripts permit entry from Rostok, may 'jump' the exit in Construction Site - and gain admittance.
  • Access to the Ecologists bunker area will still be prohibited by the Military until the nod is received from Sidorovich (or Voronin depending upon strategy) and further progression to other levels excepting Rostok is not possible.
  • However, if the player terminates the small group of soldiers at the bunker, no attitude penalty gets logged and the player is free to talk to Sakharov as if having been 'sent by Sidorovich'; may obtain the Get the scientists package mission to Dead City and progress from there.
  • This can be exploited to avoid ANY visit to Dark Valley, Darkscape or Rostok Factory. Clearly, there is an effect upon the attitude of some factions to the player if this strategy is followed.


  • Just opening a dialogue with Sakharov concludes the mission.