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Got a job for you, Marked One...
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The artifact Supernova is only coded for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha from v1.4007.

The brightest artifact in the Zone. It's easily seen from afar, but hard to get. It's contact drives oner insane.
- Inventory description, 1.4007


  • Provides respectable protection against all types of damage at the cost of draining psi health and slight radiation.
  • May be found in the wild only near the Old Church Cemetery in Countryside.


  • Not to be confused with Purple beads, which was called Supernova prior to v1.4007.
  • Almost certainly a quest item, although the coding for the quest appears faulty.
  • Easy to reach.
  • Less easy to legitimately make off with...
  • Uses the Flame inventory icon.


  • Located north of the cemetery of the Abandoned Church in Countryside / North Hills.
  • Detectable, but not easily acquired since the mission was not issued...
  • The artifact has a tendency to float about a meter off the ground but may assume a higher position, well out of reach, especially if dropped by the player. Should this be the case, a buckshot round generally brings it back into easy reach.