Strelok's Hideout is a major location within the Agroprom Underground in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

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  • This small location is almost identical to its retail counterpart except for the way you enter the room (through the door and not the vent).
  • Numerous shelves of loot lay around and general living space props.
  • The player no longer finds Strelok's flash drive in here. Instead it has been replaced by the Novel "Deep Darkness", containing a cryptic hint regarding the flash drive's location.
  • The small hut outside Research Institute: North contains a shortcut entrance to the hideout which is found right at the bottom of the staircase.

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Notable LootEdit

  • From v1.4000 there is a hidden stash in the pipework containing a loaded 7.62x39mm weapon (AKMS), some duty bandages and a Rock.
  • There is a Jewel at the bottom of the fake SoC pipe entrance within the lair.
  • The Novel "Deep Darkness" is a quest item to be collected from here (see above)

Notes Edit

  • From v1.4000 a key is needed to open the lair.
  • This is located in a sub- sub-basement which has been added to the Agroprom Underground (and where a number of Controllers will spawn later in the game)
  • The player will find the key in a ventilator shaft similar to the release SoC game.
  • It is advisable to close the door upon entering Strelok's Hideout as there is an entrance to the underground located above it and the military will walk down (especially as the player has now had to search for a "key" and may have encountered some of these mils on the approach to the hideout door)
  • With the door closed, there opponents may be knifed through the door (as the local Burer flanks them)
  • The coordinates for the useful Leftovers of a hunt stash can sometimes be given by the dead mils and is located right outside Strelok's Hideout door (on the wall to the left, located inside the S bend pipe)


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