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Anton Podorogny[1] mostly known as Strelok (Стрелок), the "Marked One" (Mеченый), is the protagonist and player character of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


Меченый (Mechenyi) as it is written in Russian, roughly translates to "The Marked One". Giving a general description rather than a name for the player's character is fairly common in video games as it allows the player to substitute the title with any name that they wish.

Стрелок (Strelok) in Russian literally translates to "Gunslinger".


One of the most experienced and capable stalkers in the Zone, Strelok and his associates are some of the few people that managed to reach the power plant and live to tell the tale. He begun accumulating experience early, as he was one of the first people to enter the Zone and bring back artifacts.



  • By exploiting a bug the player (as Strelok) has the opportunity to meet up with Strelok during the jail scene in Dead City.
  • The player may walk to the right of Doc up to the bars of the cell and activate the lockdown switch.
  • Then, by walking into the anteroom, the cutscene is triggered and a second Strelok is spawned inside the cell.
  • Merely opening the cell door causes unusual combat behaviour and the player's actor may be able to rearm from a suitable dead NPC.
  • Conversation with 'Strelok' is possible, but rather limited and there are trading opportunities too.
  • Stepping further outside into the corridor triggers the "Find your stuff" hurryup and removes the erroneous NPC from the game.
  • There may be noticeable consequences from this exploit. The Military may be outgunned by the Mercenaries creating differences further on.


  1. It is revealed by the head's of the Oso complex during the "Victory ending(s)" when completing the Follow the signal mission that his real name is Anton Podorogny. If this is his real name or just a joke can be discussed but the head's of the Oso are known to be masterminds so it's likely that this is Strelok's real name.