Dummy stash of the Burer is a fake stash not featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

This is usually the text appearing in the PDA description.
- PDA description


  • These are locations on the Main Map and/or the Mini Map in the player's HUD where another party has left - or "stashed" items of value or loot.
  • The map marker is a small mauve circle design and mousing over it will provide a PDA description of its name along with some cryptic comment.
  • Almost exclusively in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha, the coordinates are obtained by the player from an NPC's corpse.
  • When any part of the contents become removed (even if replaced immediately) the map icon colour changes to green and a mouse-over will only glean the PDA description "Stash". This also occurs if an item is added to the contents and then removed.
  • Locations that are known to be stash locations but are empty (because the coordinates have not yet been obtained) may be used by the player to store items on a non-volatile basis and will have the contents added to with the appropriate loot if the coordinates are subsequently obtained.

Non-stash stashesEdit

  • These are locations that contain valuable loot that has been placed on the map and are available to the player on a non-random basis, but are never given a map marker.
  • An example might be the Yantar ammo box.
  • Basically, the loot is inside something which may or may not be destructible.


  • This is just loot that is scripted to appear on the map in the ordinary course of the game without an external container. An example might be a Bandit jacket with a Cmuphob vodka bottle on a Rostok building site.

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