Springboard is a type of anomaly appearing frequently in the standalone Mod S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

One of the first anomalies ever recorded - an unstable gravitational field inflicting shock damage to anyone within its radius. Remains active for a week on average. The amount of damage inflicted changes during its lifetime, ranging from minor bruises, through serious wounds, to instant death. Easy to spot in daylight. Accompanied by air fluctuation above the anomaly, dancing leaves and distinctive crimson-colored stains on the ground. Picked up by all types of detectors, the Springboard can also be revealed by throwing objects into it. Forms three types of artifacts: Jellyfish, Stone Flower and Night Star.
- Encyclopedia description


  • Gravitational in nature, inflicts serious damage upon organisms that stray within its trigger radius.
  • The gallery example in Great Metal Factory frequently eliminates Boar, but Flesh often manage to pass through the radius of action without sustaining damage, to end up inside the Bar compound area.


  • Although the Cake, Bouquet, Spring and Red beads artefacts are coded as spawn possibilities in the "zone_mosquitobald.ltx" gamefile, the probabilities of them actually spawning are very low (with Red Beads having a zero probability throughout)

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