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The Spring is an artifact that can be found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

According to the opinion of some researchers-theorists, this artifact is a hybrid between Batteries and Pacifiers.
- Inventory description, v1.30013 - 1.4005

Born in the 'Springboard anomaly. A rare artifact possessing a powerful field. Gravitational processes occur in the artifact field constantly, lowering, then increasing the pressure in its center. When in contact with a living organism, it partially transfers this property to it. Emits radiation.
- Inventory description, v1.4007



  • Not yet found on the game map.
  • Rarely obtained from dead NPCs.
  • Only has positive qualities but severely downgraded from the Base Game.

(v1.4002 - 1.4005)

  • Now has the Springboard as its parent anomaly.
  • Properties for DC are considerably revised.
  • See also Artifact Spawns for notes and tips regarding acquisition.
  • The artifact's parameters has the equivalent of Battery with Shell.


  • Retains the parent anomaly, but loses many of the useful properties associated with the previous incarnation.
  • Also becomes lighter.


v1.30013 - 1.3003:
  • Not hugely interesting.
v1.4002 - 1.4005:
  • Exceptionally useful when worn in quantity, despite the weight penalty.
  • Four of these on the player's belt allows damage-free exploration of gravitational and shockwave anomalies (Springboard, Whirligig, Vortex etc.)
  • This makes the springboard infested anomaly cluster noted in Loner routes easily negotiable later in the game.