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The Soldier suit is an (unique until v1.3003) armour featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

A special suit for diversionary military operations, not bad protection from armour-piercing bullets and help to to carry many useful items with you.
- Inventory description


  • The item was cut almost entirely from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl with the exception of the Military checkpoint attic stash that was wearable but only a trophy item at best.
  • The suit has been re-introduced for the Lost Alpha and is quite functional as of patch 1.3003 despite a couple of coding errors.
  • Removed from the game with v1.4007, the closest match being the "Berill-1" armored suit.


Lost Alpha

  • Not upgradeable due to unique classification.

Developer's Cut

List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 1.png Compensating underarmour Special underarmour distributes bullet impact over the entire armour, reducing damage.
1000 RU

Impact -10%


1C IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 2.png Lightweight aluminium frame Steel frame is replaced with one made from lightweight aluminium.
2000 RU

Outfit weight -3.5 kg

1D IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 4.png Additional frame reinforcement Even if the armour is severely damaged, the reinforced frame will stop pistol bullets.
2000 RU

Suit durability +15%

1E IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 3.png Reinforced titanium-beryllium matrix A beryllium matrix reinforced with titanium (instead of aluminium) is one of the most reliable protective systems worldwide.
3000 RU

Bulletproof cap +30%

1F IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 5.png Ceramic coating Ceramic coating can deflect a standard bullet, if it hits at an angle, or even completely stop it in case of a direct hit.
3000 RU

Impact -10%

2A IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 6.png Protective polymer inserts A mix of polycarbonate, silicone and carbon fibre - in case the main armour cracks.
1100 RU

Suit durability +10%


2C IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 7.png Rubber padded overalls An ergonomic rubber padding increases mobility in bulky armour.
1800 RU

Power restore +2

2D IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 9.png Constantan insulating inserts Constantan does not conduct electricity and melts only at very high temperatures.
1800 RU
  • Burn +20%
  • Electric shock +20%
2E IconArmourUpgrade Specops outfit 8.png SBC-RHZ Mk II jumpsuit SBC-RHZ Mk II is a sealed combat jumpsuit, protecting from radiation and chemical agents.
2800 RU
  • Rad.protection +30%
  • Chemical burn +30%


  • Pretty decent specs for firefights, not so useful for general exploration.
  • In Lost Alpha (-v1.3003) this armour has some coding deficiencies which were remedied in the Developer's Cut (1.4000+):
    • The currently used inventory icon is that of the Berill-5M armoured suit.
    • The inventory graphic showing the player's actor wearing the suit is also that of the Beril since there is no graphic icon to represent the Soldier suit.
    • More confusingly, the inventory icon is also that of the Beril (presumably for simplicity) even though there is an accessible inventory icon for the Soldier suit.
    • The second and third person views of the suit is NOT the Beril, of course, but one more representative of a 'Military Commander'.
    • Unlike the Skat-9 military armoured suit which has bugged specs, this suit degrades at a normal pace but since it is classed as 'unique', may not be upgraded or repaired.
  • In the Developer's Cut (1.4000+) the armour has been extensively remodeled, it has lost the unique classification, the protection against anomalies and the Night vision capabilities.


  • The correct inventory icon in Lost Alpha (-v1.3003) may be fixed by editing the 'outfit.ltx' file in 'items' for the "soldier suit" entry as follows:
    • For the inventory icon field, change "x" to 36 and "y" to 4.
    • Since the inventory icon is square rather than rectangular (similar to Leather jacket or Bandit jacket), change the icon height value from "3" to "2".