The Sniper rifle SVDm-2 is a sniper rifle that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Overview Edit

  • A powerful sniper rifle which is straightforward to obtain early in the game (see Notes below)
  • Although powerful, it is prone to considerable 'wander' and 'drift' and the ammunition is difficult to obtain in quantity early in the game.

Background Edit

  • This rifle was widely used in all operations of the Soviet and Russian armies since 1960. It proved itself to be an exceptionally reliable and handy weapon. In The Zone it is preferred by the experienced stalkers of the Duty faction which hunt mutants.


Upgrades (v1.3003)Edit

Level 1 upgrades. Edit

Adjustable stock:

  • Price: 3000 RU
  • Adjustable stock, which can help the shooter to hit the target from any position, comfortable or not.
    • Handling: +8%

Long pull trigger group:

  • Price: 3000 RU
  • A long pull trigger group allows fully automatic fire from a sniper rifle.
    • Rate of fire: -1%
    • Gives the weapon automatic firing mode (?)

Level 2 upgrades. Edit

Semi free roller slide system:

  • Price: 3600 RU
  • Often used in western arms, the roller locking system helps recoil and increase accuracy.
    • Accuracy: +1%

Application of special spray to internal parts:

  • Price: 3840 RU
  • W special spray coating reduces the strain powder gases put on the internal mechanics and increases muzzle velocity at the same time.
    • Accuracy: +3%

Compensating muzzle brake:

  • Price: 3840
  • A more thought out compensator, increasing performance to match even the highest quality weapons.
    • Recoil: -20%

Damping butt:

  • Price: 3720 RU
  • A rubber butt-cap was initially installed only in large-calibre sniper rifles.
    • Recoil: -22%

Level 3 upgrades. Edit

Damping butt:

  • Price: 4080 RU
  • A rubber butt-cap was initially installed only in large-calibre sniper rifles.
    • Recoil: -22%

Installing heavy barrel with polygonal rifling:

  • Price: 4080 RU
  • Improved design for the barrel of sniper fire at the limiting distance.
    • Accuracy: +3%

Pulsing compensation system:

  • Price: 5040 RU
  • This special mechanism compensates recoil, making sustained fire easier.
    • Handling: +1%

Trigger regulator:

  • Price: 4200 RU
  • This modification alters the trigger, making it break more smoothly. Useful for snipers.
    • Handling: +8%

Hydraulic stock dampener:

  • Price: 4200 RU
  • Located in the stock, this part absorbs the powerful recoil of large-calibre weapons.
    • Recoil: +17%

6x scope:

  • Price: 4200 RU
  • A scope making long range combat easier.
    • Gives the scope 6x zoom level.

Notes Edit

  • Up to and including v1.4002, a Military soldier at the Bridge Checkpoint in Cordon uses one (overlooking the road from the broken bridge)
  • This is replaced with a Sniper AKMS from v1.4005 and will be in a barely useable condition.
  • One can be found in an unmarked stash (as well as several other sniper rifles) located in Darkscape near a gravitational anomaly cluster (all game versions to v1.4005)
  • Up to and including v1.4002, four of the five snipers that die during the Attack the base and get the artifact mission carry this and SVUmk2 weaponry.
  • These are replaced with Sniper SGi 5k from v1.4005 and will probably be in a barely useable condition.
  • The player frequently has the opportunity to acquire a Sniper rifle SVDm-2 from the first encountered sniper during transit between the Military HQ and the Ecologist Outpost during the Meet Ecologist contact segment. By not sniping and killing him, he may be "provoked" into 'wall walking' down to the player by the garages. The building is inaccessible at all times to the player, but the dropped weapon may fall outside (v1.3003)
  • Many of the Monolith defenders at the NPP also favour this weapon (verified to v1.4002)
  • Upgrading the weapon with the "long pull trigger group" will increase its value to 18,900 Ru (v1.3003)

Trivia Edit

  • (v1.4007) the SVDm-2's Automatic Lock-on Systems is rightfully available for any Technicians with access to tools for fine works without any data required (others still need the data to enable)

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