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The Sniper TRs 301 is a unique weapon that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

A modification of the assault rifle with an integrated silencer and scope. There is a story about some unknown Stalker visionary who did made a suggestion that it should be modified to single shot only, but, in the end, he didn't knew how to do it properly, so he wisely avoided the embarrassment of trying to tacticool it beyond bolting on stuff that works. Anyone talking about these kinds of rifles, agrees it was a wise choice. Good work, unknown Stalker visionary. Sometimes, less is more.
- Inventory description, (Complete with their typos)


  • Unique variant of the TRs 301 assault rifle.
  • Main differences are
    • the non-removable x2 scope
    • the fixed silencer
    • the improved accuracy and doubled durability (-v1.4002)
    • the hit power increase by 25% and the installed upgrades 1A and 1C (v1.4005+)
  • Weapon cannot be repaired (to v1.3003)
  • Weapon is available later from the secret trader Arnie in Pripyat City.


Lost Alpha

  • Not upgradable in Lost Alpha.

Developer's Cut

List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 1.png Integral slide This modification is not cheap, but it is certainly a future standard for next generation weapons.
1050 RU

Reliability +15%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

1C Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 2.png Gas energy redirection Reducing the diameter of the gas chamber with synthetic sealants significantly increases the muzzle velocity.
1600 RU

Bullet velocity +15%

1D Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 3.png Forced cooling A slide that directs the flow of air through the rifling to cool the weapon.
1600 RU

Rate of fire +10%

1E Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 4.png Gas piston installation With the installation of a gas piston, gases cease to go back directly into the receiver, which noticeably reduces weapon wear.
1860 RU

Reliability +20%

2A Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 5.png Receiver counterforce rotator A counterforce rotator installed in the receiver reduces weapon recoil.
1050 RU

Recoil -15%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

2C Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 6.png Automatic two-position gas regulator This special mechanism reduces the weapon's sway, increasing accuracy.
1500 RU

Reliability +15%

2E Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 7.png Rollback moderator Special slide parts compensate the movement of the slide, reducing recoil.
1850 RU

Recoil -30%

2F Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 8.png Stop drive A synthetic part installed behind the end of the step slide compresses it to increase accuracy.
1900 RU

Accuracy +20%

4A Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 13.png Impact-resistant polymer frame Replacing the base frame with a polymer one can reduce the mass of the weapon without compromising its reliability.
700 RU

Weight -0.5 kg

4C Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 14.png Ergonomically shaped receiver A more convenient shape of the grip makes handling the weapon more comfortable, especially when firing on the move.
1600 RU

Handling +25%

4E Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 15.png Hollow grip with stabilizer A stabilizer is installed inside the hollow grip, reducing recoil.
1550 RU

Handling +25%

4F Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 16.png Smoothing spray application The spray smooths out minor flaws in weapon mechanics, significantly increasing muzzle velocity.
1860 RU

Bullet velocity +25%

5A Ui inGame2 upgrade TRs 301 17.png Expanded magazine Change standard magazines for larger ones.
1790 (1690 in v1.4007) RU

Mag. size +10


  • Weapon is not changed by the v1.4007 PRM Weapons Pack.
  • Has exactly the same specifications as the one found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (non-removable "iron sights" scope, fixed silencer)
  • Location is changed to the Bloodsucker Village in Military Warehouses, where it is found halfway up the tower.
  • The weapon may be retrofitted with a M203 grenade launcher for added capability.
  • Despite the fact that the scope gives "iron sight" magnification, the weapon's scripted fire dispersal parameter is so low that this weapon is extremely accurate.
  • May also be used as an assault rifle provided that the player is cognizant of the reduced rate of fire.


  • This is the missing weapon that the Stranger, Kolovrat, asks the player to retrieve for it in the optional storyline side task Missing weapon (all versions to v1.4005)
  • As a side mission, Nimble also requests this particular weapon. The mission is Find improved "TRs 301", though it is called "Find the item" in the PDA.