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A smoke grenade. Dedicated to create a smoke screen. Lasts for 10 seconds.
- Inventory description


  • Not a common loot item, dead NPCs will provide the RGD-5 Grenade and F1 Grenade on occasion, but not this one.
  • Does not cause blast damage. Supposedly provides cover during attacks.
  • Seen in use during the jailbreak scene in Dead City.
  • Questionable about how much distraction this grenade actually causes when used.
  • Relatively heavy for the player to carry around.
  • May be found in a few esoteric stashes.
  • Does not prevent the Bloodsucker attack in the Sarcophagus.
  • Given as part of the rewards by Mole for individually completing the Kill the bandits (Agroprom) and Kill the zombies (Agroprom) side missions (v1.4000+)


  • The initialism for smoke grenades in the Russian Army is RDG (Ruchnaya Dymovaya Granata > "Hand-held Smoke Grenade").
  • The Smoke Grenade is obviously a palette swap of the RGD-5 grenade.