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The Small toolkit is a quest item featured in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

"small toolkit"
- Inventory description, (-v1.4002)

Not a bad set of tools. Apparently, carefully selected by an experienced master "for precious himself". Despite the years, all the tools have been well preserved.
- Inventory description, (v1.4005+)


  • This is one part of the item set that Alex requests that the player obtain for him during the Help the forgotten stalker trader that spawns as a consequence of conversation during an initial meeting (v1.30013 to 1.4002)
  • From v1.4005 the Small toolkit is referred to as Tools for fine work and are required quest items for a number of Technicians.


Known locations for this item in versions before v1.4005 are:
  • Construction Site / Pumping Station, next to the little lake near Alex, if you go outside and turn right (v1.30013 to 1.4002)
    • The Transistors that form the other element of the mission are located in the Bandit village, in a generic basement inside the Map Construction Site in the middle of the Map.
    • Player's easiest option is to just run in and grab the item.
    • There are Swampbeasts in the adjacent radioactive swamp (in Forgotten) and some may be attracted by the player's arrival.
  • As of v1.4000, until v1.4002, another instance of this item may be obtained from the non-volatile corpse of a bandit, inexplicably present on the board in the broken, anomaly infested tunnel under the Destroyed Soviet Building in Garbage.
Known locations for the repurposed item starting with v1.4005 are:


A target item for the following quests or side missions: