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The Sleeping bag is a basic equipment item featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Ordinary sleeping bag. It won't replace a warm bed and mother's cuddle, but at least is impermeable.
- Inventory description


Sleeping bag is an item which allows the player to rest. It is found in the dresser in Sidorovich's bunker. It can be sold to almost any non-hostile NPC and bought from Traders. When used, the screen turns black and the character snores for a short amount of time and a random dream may occur. Character can die from mutants while asleep but sometimes sleeping may help surviving emissions.


The Sleeping Bag is acquired when you begin the game and take your gear from Sidorovich's bunker. After a while, your character begins to get tired. If you don't sleep he will begin to state that he could sleep just about anywhere and promptly pass out. When you use it the screen turns black and the character snores for a short amount of time, and a random dream may occur. Best used in a safe location free from enemies and blowouts.


  • A tired actor becomes an unfocussed and vulnerable actor who is ill-prepared for attacks by enemy units.
  • Some nights in the Lost Alpha become very dark, rendering productive exploration difficult. Better to stoke up on the various forms of nutrition and sleep it out.
  • Perhaps the European woodland style camouflage assists when sleeping in zombie infested undergrounds, because they do not always attack during sleep periods.