Skinflint is a character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Infamous for his greediness and non-compliance, but they say he can get you anything.
- PDA contact biography


  • For the Lost Alpha Skinflint reverts to his old appearance seen in some earlier builds and wears spectacles.


  • Always a member of Freedom, this is one exceptionally useful NPC.
  • Combines the post of Technician with that of Trader, although he never joins the Trader faction, much as the Bandit trader remains a bandit in the Dark Valley.
  • Unfortunately, in patch 1.3003, there seems to be no method of becoming friendly with the Freedom faction and therefore no way to obtain preferential trading terms with Skinflint as a result.
  • In common with traders that have unlimited funding, he will purchase any upgraded weapon for full price. Upgrades are also reasonably priced despite his nickname.
  • If sold a superiour weapon to the Akm 74/2 that he starts with, he will immediately exchange in favour of that firearm. The player will be unable to buy it back later.


  • If the player joins Duty using Skinflint in his technician capacity becomes problematic, with the nearest alternative being Petrenko back at the Bar.
  • He also buys Gauss Rifles for a reasonable price.