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Skill points are a concept in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha to reward the player for certain achievements.

Skill points received: 1


Acquisition of skill points

Lost Alpha (-v1.3003)

  • Skill points are not available in Lost Alpha.

Developer's Cut -v1.4005

Main Mission Tasks

Side Missions

Work for more information about getting skill points from -v1.4005 in progress

Developer's Cut v1.4007

  • Completion of the following tasks or mission sets are known to award the player with a skill point. Some are more challenging than others.

Main Mission Tasks

Side Missions


  • Available skill points increased with a ten point bonus for transitioning to Freeplay. (1.4007 only)


  • Other Skill points are awarded on an irregular basis for combat. Most of these appear to involve defeating Mutants. (v1.4007 only)
  • Some missions may yield a point on a random basis ("Find a wire" - see gallery) This may be part of the alleged irregular behaviour of the Xray PDA Skills module that precluded its inclusion in the earliest release.


All applicable versions:
  • Skill points may not be purchased, traded in any manner or re-used.
  • There is no obligation that the player needs to actually use any or all of their points. This is entirely at the player's discretion.
  • Skill points can be used later (you don't need to use them immidiately)
  • Completing the storyline correctly may issue you more skill points, which can be very handy in freeplay.