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For the functional LA armour, see Military armored suit. For the successor armour, see SKAT-9. For the improved version, see SKAT-9M. For the higher upgrade, see SKAT-10.For the top level version, see SKAT-10M.

The Skat-9 military armoured suit is an armour featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

- Inventory description


  • A cut item re-instated for the Lost Alpha.
  • Replaced by the SKAT-9 in Developer's Cut.
  • Highly defective, both in coding terms and usability.



  • Available from Trader Petrenko for 36000 Ru as a "SKAT-9M" that ostensibly has similar characteristics to a Military armored suit.
  • No Night vision fitted and no possibility of an upgrade.
  • When first worn by the player all protection stats (including telepathy) are set to +100%.
  • Inventory description parameters remain set as though this is a genuine Military armored suit.
  • The player inventory icon is that of the worn Military armored suit since there is no corresponding icon for such a suit as the Skat-9.
  • The inventory stock icon is also of that Military armored suit.
  • The degradation characteristics are such that heavy rain will degrade the suit to zero very quickly.
  • Presumably this was supposed to be humourous on the part of the developers.


  • Since no Military armored suit weighs less than 12 Kg, this is clearly an imposter.
  • The correct icon for Skat-9 does exist in the gamefiles and may be accessed for this particular suit by editing the 'outfit.ltx' file for [military_commander_outfit] to have inv_grid values x=34 and y=4.
  • Similar file hacks from the military stalker outfit may be used to access the correct world models visuals for this particular suit.
  • Presumably this suit was intended to be removed from the game prior to release, but somehow this didn't happen.