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The Sin Spy is a major Sin character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • A mysterious Sin character that follows the player throughout the course of the game.
  • Also (and only) known as ". . ." if the player manages to place a rangefinder on him.
  • The player is not privy to his motivating raison d'être during the game other than an assumed servility towards his "overlords" during the Swamps Oso cutscene.
  • Causes a major dispute between Duty and Sin during the course of the game, which can lead to the complete destruction of the latter (only if the player previously joined Duty)


Appears to the player in numerous cut-scenes throughout the game:


  • The player has no effective contact with this character other than occasional cutscene glimpses.
  • The Sin Spy takes up a recon position atop the Radar Station in Yantar after the Swamps cutscene.
  • Close approach will cause him to teleport away from the area as will any attack attempt from range.
  • Very early game releases (v 1.30013) could spawn a Blowout that killed him at this location enabling him to be looted for a Strange psi-helmet, but this content was subsequently cut from the game.
  • Traveling through the Yantar underground underneath the Radar Station will not cause him to teleport away, although visible on the mini-map as a yellow beacon, his PDA remains partially cloaked (no bio information)