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Sin is a faction that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

They stay in the dark during the day and go out to hunt in the night. These half-mutated Stalkers are the last living humanoid species of the old genetic experiments in the old labs. After the 86 accident man of them escaped, and since then there is only one thing which keeps them alive: they want pay back ...

They are interested in many lab materials, Documents which can bring them closer to a solution to cure these genetic mutations.
- Lost Alpha Design Document description


  • A band of outcasts originally from politically dissident prisoner stock who were subjected to scientific experimentation of questionable ethical validity in the various underground laboratories within the Zone. They ask the player to locate documents, describing the experiments that went on with in the zone.


  • Faction members are taller than most other stalkers, physically strong but also appear to be in poor health (heard through various coughs and pained, drawn out speech between the faction's NPCs).
  • They have deep, blood shot, milky eyes, with what appear to be scars coming from the bottom eyelids.



  • A wide variety of low to middle order firearms.


  • Although neutral to the player, the trading possibilities are poor with the player only being offered rip-off prices.
  • Some of the faction are marked as "Dark Stalkers" in the PDA.


  • (The Following was copied from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost Design Document).

Also known as Dark Stalkers. These are zombie-like stalkers who used to be religious fanatics believing in the divine essence of the Zone, the last expiation of the humankind.

They are in conflict with all other stalker groups and attack anyone on site. Dark Stalkers wear black coats and hoods so that the face can not be seen. If you remove the hood, you will see a bald head with bloody holes instead of the eyes.

  • As a side note, their main base of operations would have originally been the Military Warehouses.