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Yes stalker, can I help you with anything?
- Sakharov to Strelock upon first meeting.
Sakharov is a major character appearing in both S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • Sakharov has different behavior when compared to the Base Game.
  • Here he is NOT a member of the Ecologists but a Trader and as such charges and pays accordingly.
  • The exception being that he still pays top ruble for artifacts as seen in the Base Game. Sadly, this does not apply to those artifacts that are the subject of side-missions.

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  • If playing his optional missions below, note that the player will only be allowed to try for one artifact initially. The other becomes negated as an option.
  • He pays 1500 Ru for the Flash and 800 Ru for the Goldfish artifact (v1.3003)
  • The body parts of the Izlom, Swampbeast, and Cat are great ways to make easy money with little risk. All three are fairly easy to dispatch and carry prices of around 1000 RU for each part (v1.4002+)
  • Other body parts are also well paid for (v1.4007)

Missions offered in the Lost Alpha

Main Mission tasks

Main storyline obligatory courier task:
Other storyline tasks:

Side Missions

Optional side-missions:
Conditional upon the courier mission being given:
Conditional upon the "PDA parts" sequence being given:
Conditional on the PDA being 'fixed':
Conditional upon whether the player "works for Nimble" (v1.4002+):


  • Only the missions involving the Pseudodog tail and the radar zombies have a time limit.
  • No longer annoys the player with his continuous "Hello? Hello..."