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The SSP-100M (SSP-10) is an armour featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Prototype of the SSP-100M protective suit. There's data that it was in the Zone before the Second Explosion though, because there are many artifacts integrated. For example, the outer layer of the suit is covered in Pellicles.
- Inventory description


  • Armour with excellent protection against anomalies.
  • Introduced from v1.4000+.
  • In v1.4005 renamed to SSP-10 for no good reason, in v1.4007 again to "SSP-10" protection suit.
  • Though not technically a unique item it cannot be purchased from any trader and there are only two specimen to be found in the wild.
  • Possesses several advantageous qualities (see Notes)


Acquisition of the second suit (v1.4002)

  • In v1.4002 the second suit is located under a desk in the bloodsucker nest next to the Brain vat.
  • It is the same location where the objective of Retrieve the lost rifle is found.

Acquisition of the second suit (v1.4005+)

  • In v1.4005+ the second suit is located in the bunker next to the Brain vat, behind a locked door.
  • The second suit is always there, unless you have the PRM Modpack installed (v1.4007 only). In this case the second suit only spawns on returning the first suit to Nimble (and, obviously, the last two ways mentioned below to obtain the second suit won't work).
  • There are three ways to obtain the second suit in v1.4005+ (much deserved hattips to : Ferppo, STALKING NOT ALLOWED and Byte Me):
Get the key from Nimble.
Find a Gauss Rifle and use it to open the door.
  • These tend to be in short supply, but an early tortuous route through the game working for Alex and Milo could arm the player with one; or the coordinates of Anomalous materials (Forgotten) might become available in the process (possible, but unlikely)
Jump the gantry.
  • Wear the first SSP-100M and climb to the top of the gantry, then jump onto the control room roof and climb through the window.
  • Pick up the loot and jump back out of the window.
  • This is much easier and quicker than the first exploit, but the player should provide for impact and bleed control when making such intentional drops. Additionally, the player must ensure that suitable weight control is employed (if the 'sprint weight' is red, the jump will probably fail)
  • Obviously the 'door' remains locked until the player returns with the key (if ever)


Lost Alpha

  • Not available in Lost Alpha.

Developer's Cut



List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 1.png Ceramic plates Installation of the plates increases protection from firearms.
2000 RU

Strengthening of vest 1st class

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

1C IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 2.png Self-sealing layer A self-repairing armor layer helps the armor to compensate for bullet impact.
3000 RU
  • Impact +20%
  • Rupture +20%
1D IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 4.png Backup safety layer A backup layer inside the armor increases survivability.
2800 RU

Suit durability +40%

1E IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 3.png Reinforced ceramic plates An extra layer of silicone-cushioned ceramic plates.
4100 RU

Strengthening of vest 2nd class

1F IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 5.png Lightweight part replacement Easy costume design can be facilitate by replacing components at the lighter.
4050 RU

Outfit weight -3.5 kg

2A Ui inGame2 upgrade killer outfit 1.png Compensating underarmor Special underarmor distributes bullet impact over the entire armor, reducing damage.
1950 RU
  • Impact +10%
  • Rupture +10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

2C IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 7.png Constantan insulation layer Even a thin layer of constantan in the suit will provide excellent insulation from electric current.
3100 RU

Electric shock +20%

2D IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 9.png Thermal protection fiberglass fiberglass is widely used by Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency workers in their equipment.
3100 RU

Burn +20%

2E IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 8.png "Environmentalist" polymer overalls with bismuth inserts A protective suit, created from next generation polymers, with bismuth inserts.
3800 RU
  • Burn +30%
  • Chemical burn +30%
2F IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 10.png "Rescuer" Plexiglas overalls with a flexible lead frame A lead frame forms a completely enclosed protective layer, shielding from radiation and hazardous substances, without restricting the mobility of the owner.
3800 RU
  • Rad. protection +30%
  • Electric shock +30%
3A IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 11.png Internal thermoregulation system "Breathing" overalls with an integrated safety filter, providing you with a degree of safety in polluted environments.
2200 RU

Power restore +1

3C IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 12.png Dorsal weight distributing frame A dorsal weight distribution frame reduces shoulder fatigue by evenly distributing encumbrance over the entire body, allowing you to pack in more weapons, supplies and equipment.
3150 RU

Additional weight +8 kg

4A IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 15.png Built-in repulsion system This system temporarily electrifies the surface of the suit, to repulse radioactive and chemical particles.
2000 RU
  • Rad. protection +10%
  • Chemical burn +10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

4C IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 16.png "Oracle" psi-stimulator A wave device, designed to work in anomalous areas with high levels of psi-radiation.
3250 RU

Telepathy +20%

4E IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 17.png Support systems A comprehensive system that monitors vital signs and injects vitamins, epinephrine or anabolics when needed.
4100 RU
  • Bleeding reduction +4
  • Health regeneration +4
5A IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 18.png Active filters Active filters can neutralize even the most corrosive chemicals.
1850 RU
  • Rad. protection +10%
  • Chemical burn +10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

5C IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 19.png Screening coverage Application of screening coverage
3050 RU

Telepathy +20%

5E IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 20.png "Psi-dome" filter loop High-tech psi-protection, invented by a scientist named Sakharov.
4000 RU

Telepathy +30%

5F IconArmourUpgrade Scientific outfit 21.png "Ion Wind" cooling System By extracting ions from air molecules, a so-called ionic wind can be created, which cools the wearer.
4000 RU

Power restore +3


SSP-10 will have carry weight of +11kg, but walk weight of +10kg, meaning if having endurance skill at 0, it is possible to carry 46kg, but walk with inventory weight of 55kg. (v1.4005 only)
  1. Enhanced run, sprint and jump capabilities.
  2. Inbuilt power restore equivalent to a Discharge.
  3. Inbuilt bleed reduction equivalent to half of a Red beads.
  4. Inbuilt health restore equivalent to two-thirds of a "Soul".
  5. An enhanced carry capacity of 5kg (all of the above may be further enhanced)
  6. Second generation Night vision.


  • In the game files before v1.4007 the SSP-100M is defined as a descendant of the SSP-99M suit.
  • The item seems to be the personal pet passion of one the developers, as it is implemented in a rather non-standard way and is being fiddled with in every version.
  • Item can be bought from Sakharov in freeplay with PRM installed.