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The SPSA14 is a shotgun that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

The SPSA14 smooth-bore rifle was developed in the late 1970s. This weapon is very reliable and flexibly used. It is however relatively big, expensive and its mechanism is too complex. Probably, this is the best close range gun in the Zone.
- Inventory description



Lost Alpha

Developer's Cut

List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 1.png Super strong alloy barrel Super strong materials increase rifling durability.
1100 RU

Reliability +20%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

1C Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 2.png Longer barrel By replacing the standard barrel with a longer one, muzzle velocity has increased.
1400 RU

Bullet velocity +30%

1D Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 3.png Internal protective coating A special spray protects the barrel from overheating, smooths out small factory defects and significantly increases the lifetime of the barrel.
1400 RU

Reliability +25%

1E Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 4.png Dynamic weapon seal Polymer seals help increase the pressure inside the barrel, increasing muzzle velocity.
1700 RU

Accuracy +30%

1F Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 5.png Cylindrical barrel bore Cylindrical bores help increase the rate of fire without compromising accuracy.
1700 RU

Rate of fire +30%

2A Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 6.png Impact-resistant polymer frame A polymer frame helps reduce the overall mass of weapons.
1100 (-1.4005) / 1300 (v1.4007+) RU

Weight -1.2 kg (-1.4005), -1.1 kg (v1.4007+)

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

2C Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 7.png Ergonomic grip An ergonomic grip makes the firearm noticeably more comfortable.
1450 RU

Handling +30%

2D Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 8.png Padded grip A padded grip helps reduce recoil.
1450 RU

Recoil -20%

3A Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 9.png Polymer parts The once outlandish idea of substituting metal parts with polymer is now quite commonplace.
1000 RU

Reliability +20%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

3C Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 10.png Lockable slide This modification adjusts the slide, so that it doesn't move while firing, providing excellent accuracy.
1400 RU

Accuracy +20%

3D Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 11.png Semi free roller locking system Often used in firearms, the roller locking system reduces recoil and increases accuracy in battle.
1400 RU

Rate of fire +20%

3E Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 12.png Application of protective coating A layer of protective coating applied to each part reduces possibility of weapon failure.
1700 RU

Reliability +30%

3F Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 13.png Universal chambering module A single, universal chamber closing mechanism is a modern technological solution reducing recoil.
1700 RU

Recoil -30%

4A Ui inGame2 upgrade SPSA14 14.png Expanded magazine Increased capacity of the internal magazine.
2500 (-1.4005) / 1900 (v1.4007+) RU

Mag. size +2

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)