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Rostok Factory is a major location appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone Mod.


  • An entirely new map added to the game.
  • The player is sent here on various tasks for both Duty and Sin.


Duty HQ

  • A large office building located near the bottom left hand corner of the map, used by Duty as a base.
  • Starts off filled with toxic fumes that will clear later on in the game.

Factory Village

  • A large, abandoned village for factory employees, stretching a large portion of the top of the map.
  • Duty uses this area as a makeshift camp until the HQ is cleared.

Ecologists' Tunnel

  • A blocked, derelict train tunnel located near the top right hand corner of the map.
  • Populated by 2 Ecologist explorers, and 1 Guide (1.4007 only)

Lab X14

  • A small, abandoned lab located just down the road from the Duty HQ.
  • Populated by 4 Bloodsuckers and numerous Rats.

Military Guard Post

  • A military checkpoint located at the bottom right hand corner of the map.
  • Populated with a medium sized Military force.

Notable Buildings

Factory Construction Site

  • A partially constructed building located inside the factory grounds.
  • Used for storyline purposes.

Rostok Loner Camp

  • Building located in the north-east corner of the map and occupied by a small group of Loners.


(Refer to Darkscape for the previous of the storyline section).

  • Upon entering the area, Barkeep will contact the player, informing them to head to a near by Duty officer by the name of Dima located in the Factory Village. This will give the player the storyline mission "Meet the duty leader".
    • Note: This mission has to be completed in order to finish Sin's mission chain.

Find the documents for Sin:

  1. Go to Rostok Factory via Garbage
  2. Find the secret lab and retrieve the documents
  3. Take the documents to Veles.

2: Find the secret lab and retrieve the documents:

  • As the player cannot enter the lab at this time, the storyline shall continue with the duty mission chain below.
Barkeep sent me, said you had some sort of mutant problem?
- Strelok to Dima on mutant problem

Meet the duty leader.

Marked one, go and meet the duty guys in the village, they need help with a mutant problem.
- Barkeep, mission briefing (via [[PDA]])
  • The objective location is marked upon the player's mini-map.

Help duty reclaim their HQ.

Here's the deal. Get a gas mask, go in there and kill whatever is left of the bastards. About four of them. My men have seen them at the construction site and our headquarters. Retrieve the PDAs off my three fallen fighters and I'm sure I can return the favor, somehow.
- Dima, mission briefing

Access the lab and kill the bloodsuckers

You did good Marked One. Hell, maybe even better than my best men. The Ecologists are filtering out the deadly gases from our base in the factory as we speak. It's sad that so many were killed by those damn Bloodsuckers... I've got to warn you before I give you the key to the lab underneath Rostok: there's a sort of "Bloodsucker King" down there. That's why we sealed it off in the first place - it's a damn nest! If you're really going down there, drag that ugly bastard to Hell for me, will you? here's the key then/ They're all yours' stalker.
- Petrenko to Strelok upon key acquisition.
  1. Get the key from Petrenko
  2. Get to secret lab
  3. Kill the bloodsuckers.

1: Get the key from Petrenko:

2: Get to secret lab:

  • Now the player must head back down to Rostok Factory and head toward the road behind Duty HQ. Head past the Red truck and continue down until a gap in the fence is reached, then walk through and back up in to Lab grounds. From here the player simply needs to open the gate and walk down into the lab entrance.
    • Note: The lab itself, although small is also very confined. Due to this, assaulting the Bloodsuckers can be tricky, the player should make sure they are well stocked on armour durability before entering.

(Refer to X14 for the next part of the storyline section).

Notable Loot


  • The blind dogs that spawn by the rails near the northern entrance of the actual factory can easily be lured into the nearby anomalies, particularly the whirligig by the factory wall resulting in artifact spawns.


  • Rostok is inspired from a factory in Kiev next to where GSC Game World's building is based.