The Repair kit is a device featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Screwdrivers, pincers, screws, grindstone... all you need in a small and compact repair kit.
- Inventory description


The Repair kit can be used repeatedly to improve the condition of many inventory items. When you open the Repair kit these items display on the left of the Repair Kit Window. In order to perform a repair, you must have matching items to use as salvage parts. These items display on the right when you select an item to repair, along with each item's condition as a percentage. Select any, or all, of the salvage items and click Fix.


  • Found in a few stashes.
  • Available from Traders at double the price.
  • Only repairs Akm 74/2 rifles in earlier versions. As of DC 1.4005, repairs most weapons and suits.
  • Salvages better parts from entered weapons to repair worn out weapons.
  • Works three times - and then 'evaporates' from the player's inventory.
  • Items in red have a condition status of 39% or less.


  • For how long the player will be using an entry level rifle, it is generally not worth buying this device.
  • Since items that this device scavenges from subsequently disappear from the game, it might be more realistic to sell such weaponry to local NPCs if the chance presents itself.
  • Keeping, rather than recycling the better weapon is also a consideration.
  • Repairing an AK through a Technician is also pretty cheap anyway and it may be upgraded at the same time. Or even upgraded to simply gain the repair for free.
  • As of DC 1.4005 traders will not buy weapons that are broken. Use the repair kit to repair weapons for resale, do this on a mass scale by stock piling weapons, then put all in your inventory and repair en-mass
  • The kit can not be flipped over, it is always 'right-side' up.