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Edible but not so tasty.
- Inventory description


  • One of the more uncommon food items available to the Lost Alpha player.
  • This is typical of the weight of food items in general.
  • Cures hunger pangs but does not aid in immediate 'health regeneration' as experienced in the Base Game.
  • May occasionally be obtained as a body part from dead Rodents (to v1.3003) and Rats (the former of which also shares its in game icon).
  • Inventory icon is shown in pink.


  • Confusingly, the world model for this delicacy is the Rodent corpse itself.
  • In the game files this is also referred to as 'Crow's meat' (to 1.4000)
  • It's technically a Mutant Body Part but only Seriy pays reasonable money for it as the target of a side mission.
  • World model corrected. Now looks like a dead rat.
  • In keeping with the CoP-like development trajectory the food item now inherits various timing and property factors previously unseen in the game.
  • These include: delay in activation, thirst and the introduction of radioactive toxins into the player's actor's system.


  • Acquiring this "body part" usually involves ventures into underground settings.
  • The parent Mutants were exceptionally ferocious swarm creatures in versions v1.30013 - 1.3003, but have been progressively detuned in subsequent versions.
  • In v1.4007 they almost always ignore the player and are easily dispatched with a pistol shot or a knife blow.