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The Pupil is an artifact appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha v1.4007.

Born in the 'Whirligig' anomaly, in areas of increased thermal activity. In addition to the strange name, it has other interesting properties. The artifact is capable of absorbing a huge amount of radiation. After finding it, there is a difficult choice - to sell it for a lot of money, or keep it.
- Inventory description, v1.4007


  • Introduced to the game in v1.4007.
  • Top range "radiation" artifact.
  • Shares its appearance with the "Eye" but largely immobile.


  • Very useful.
  • Very rare.
  • Difficult to spawn from its parent anomaly.
  • One point better than the much more abundant Bubble.
  • Two points better than the also abundant Ball of Twine ("Knot")
  • 50% heavier than a Bubble...
  • Over twice as heavy as two Knots...
  • There is a free artifact placement in Old Road up on the Stranded Tree helicopter. Chemical precautions are advised.
  • Аppears in the Leap of faith stash in Countryside (v1.4007).
  • Despite the blurb claim, the player will have difficulty selling this item.


  • There is an artifact recipe to synthesize the Pupil.
  • It is generally wasteful of resources and involves difficult to source precursors.