The Pseudodog is a mutant variety of dog found in all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Despite the name, the Pseudodogs evolved directly from wolves. The animals inhabiting the forests at the time of the catastrophe gave rise to one of the Zones' most dangerous mutant species. Pseudodogs are about as different from Blind Dogs as wild wolves differ from poodles. The creatures mark and guard their territory carefully, attacking anyone stupid enough to venture onto their land on sight. Lightning-fast reflexes, uncanny dexterity and razor-sharp teeth make the pseudodog a formidable enemy for large mutants and well-armed stalkers.
- encyclopedia description


  • These should never be confused with the less dangerous and more vulnerable Blind Dog.


  • There are at least two varieties: the 'normal' brown specimen and the more mature and dangerous Grey Pseudodog.


  • Sometimes provides a body part which may be traded or used to fulfill mission requirements.



  • The player will receive audio cues that a pseudodog is in their general vicinity when a distant "woof" reminiscent of Lassie is heard. Players should not ignore this seemingly harmless background noise as it is indicative that an attack is imminent.
  • Although the animal is fast on its paws, an under-burdened opponent may usually be able to outrun it.
  • Generally, in common with other mutant types, they are confined to their 'gulag' patrol areas.
  • Even though the animal has an impressive biting leap which may seriously wound an inattentive stalker, seeking the advantage of high ground is preferred, preferably at the edge of their territory.
  • Small arms are a better choice than shotguns due to their larger capacity, better handling and cheaper ammo. Pseudodogs are fast on their feet and agile.
  • A pseudodog can absorb considerable body damage before expiration.
  • A weakness of the pseudodog is that it sometimes charges its victim (you) in a head-on attack, during which it is very vulnerable to head shots.
  • Unlike Blind Dogs, the Pseudodog is not fooled by the player attempting to hide in the bushes.


  • The pack of five pseudodogs near the Bus Stop that are the objective of the Help the stalkers task, may usually be sprinted past without incident should this coincide with the player's plans.
  • They are also easier to pick off from safety on the other (Bar) side of the gulag as they attempt charges.