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For the v1.4000-v1.4005 replacement, see PS5 "Duty" Suit".

The PSZ 9d Duty armor is an armour featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Produced by one of Kiev's defence research institutes and commissioned by the Duty faction. It is as simple and reliable as the standard PSZ-9 model, but due to the new materials, it provides good protection from various harmful impacts, including firearm damage. The vest still needs some work because it has no breathing protection system.
- PDA description, v1.3003

This early model of the Duty bodysuit is the Spetsnaz "SKAT-10" body armor modified for the Zone. The suit is capable of stopping a rifle bullet, however, this level of protection comes at the cost of its weight, bulkiness and virtually non-existent anomaly protection. The suit can be upgraded with a combat support system.
- PDA description, v1.4007


  • Armour is only available in Lost Alpha (-v1.3003) and in the Developer's Cut from v1.4007 onwards, in v1.4000 until v1.4005 it is replaced by the PS5 "Duty" Suit".
  • Renamed to PSZ-9d "Duty Armor" in v1.4007.


Lost Alpha

List of upgrades
A0 Section
  • 1st Generation PNV - A night vision device which allows you to operate at night or in low light conditions. - 1,000RU

A1 Section

  • Rubberised fabric suit - Rubber provides basic protection from short-term radiation exposure. -  chemical_burn_protection = 0.55 shock_protection = 0.55 - 1,300RU

A2 Section

  • Extra carbon fibre covering - Carbon fibre is one of the most durable and wear resistant synthetic materials. - fire_wound_protection = 0.47 - 1,650RU

Developer's Cut

  • Not available in v1.4000 until v1.4005


List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 1.png Carbon fiber substitution Replacing metal elements with carbon fiber ones reduces the mass of body armor without loss of protection.
1800 RU

Outfit weight -6 kg

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

1C IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 2.png Segmented protection Subtler armored sheets that overlap each another, like scales, increase overall damage resistance.
2400 RU

Suit durability +40%

1D IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 4.png Additional aluminum-titanium plates An increased number of titanium plates greatly increases the strength of body armor.
2400 RU
  • Strengthening of vest 1st class
  • Explosion +20%
1E IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 3.png "Screen" Combination Plating A combination of polymers and ceramics forms the basis for this multiple layer protection system.
4200 RU
  • Impact +35%
  • Rupture +35%
1F IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 5.png "Battleship" sapphire protective layer Cutting edge protection technology - artificial sapphires integrated into key regions of the armor.
4200 RU
  • Strengthening of vest 1st class
  • Explosion +30%
2A IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 6.png Absorbing silicone sealants Silicone sealants are more efficient than rubber at dampening shocks and protecting the carrier.
1500 RU
  • Impact +10%
  • Rupture +10%
  • Explosion +10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

2C IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 7.png Reinforced protective suit Lead provides reliable protection from radiation, because it absorbs all types of radiation particles.
2500 RU

Rad. protection +20%

2D IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 9.png Rubber padded overalls An ergonomic rubber padding increases mobility in bulky armor.
2500 RU

Power restore +2

2E IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 8.png "Second Skin" armored suit A sealed protective suit with corrosion-resistant coating and Kevlar armor plating.
5000 RU
  • Strengthening of vest 1st class
  • Explosion +30%
  • Chemical burn +30%
3A IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 10.png "Field Medic" integrated system This system is designed to prevent tetanus, inflammation and provide disinfectants.
2100 RU

Bleeding reduction +4

3C IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 11.png "Antidote" toxin filtering system This system neutralizes poisonous substances inhaled into the respirator filters.
2500 RU

Chemical burn +20%

3D IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 13.png Dorsal weight distributing frame A dorsal weight distribution frame reduces shoulder fatigue by evenly distributing encumbrance over the entire body, allowing you to pack in more weapons, supplies and equipment.
2500 RU

Additional weight +12 kg

3E IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 12.png "Skif" field support system A prototype soldier support system. Designers decided to switch from adrenaline injection to cocktails of military agents, which accelerate wound regeneration.
5000 RU
  • Bleeding reduction +3
  • Health regeneration +3
4A IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 14.png "Hussey" adrenaline injector A first generation injector, developed by one of Kiev's institutes, periodically injects small doses of adrenaline into the bloodstream. On one hand, it's dangerous for the organism, but on another, it can save lives, improving reaction times dramatically.
1800 RU

Power restore +2

4C IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 15.png "Hydra" hemoglobin injector This Beta generation injector acts when it detects a sudden drop in blood pressure. I injects miniature does of blood clotting agents into the bloodstream, to speed up wound closure.
3300 RU

Bleeding reduction +4

4E IconArmourUpgrade Dolg heavy outfit 16.png "Phoenix" regenerator This injector floods the bloodstream with a military cocktail of complex chemicals, which accelerate tissue regeneration and block pain.
5000 RU

Health regeneration +6


  • You can get one for free as soon as you have access to the great metal factory. A duty member is guarding a door with this suit and other goodies behind it along the path to the bar and you can grab it through the door even though the door is supposed to be locked. If feeling cheeky you can sell the goods you stole to the person guarding them. (-v1.3003)


  • The suit is actually coded in the gamefiles of v1.4000 until v1.4005, but not accessible for the player.