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The PKM Machine Gun is a machine gun that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

This belt-fed machine gun is a portable modification with a complex two-stage feeding system. Despite its weight and low precision, this LMG has found admirers in the Zone. Used primarily to fight off outnumbering enemy forces during faction conflicts and clear out mutant lairs.
- Inventory description


  • The PKM (Пулемёт Калашникова Модернизированный, Pulemyot Kalashnikova Modernizírovanny, Kalashnikov's Machine-gun Modernized) is a general purpose machine gun designed in the Soviet Union. The PKM machine gun was introduced in the 1960s and replaced the SGM and RPD machine guns in Soviet service. PKM can be used as a light anti-aircraft weapon when it is put on an AA mount. One feature typical to Soviet machine guns is that the standard model feeds from the right and ejects its rounds via an ejection port on the left side of the weapon, as opposed to the usual right side ejection port seen in most western machine guns.
  • In the game the PKM Machine Gun appears in two variants, as a normal (mobile) gun and as an (immobile) installation, mounted on a tripod.
  • The mobile variant was introduced in the Developer's Cut (v1.4000+) as RP-74 and renamed to PKM in v1.4005.
  • A unique variant is Zulu's PKM.


Lost Alpha

  • Not available in Lost Alpha.

Developer's Cut

List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 1.png Heat vents New vents absorb some of the heat from the barrel, helping to avoid overheating during sustained combat.
3000 RU

Reliability +20% (v1.4005) / +15% (v1.4007)

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

1C Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 2.png Special mobile buffer A special mobile buffer evenly distributes recoil over the entire weapon, increasing accuracy.
3500 RU

Recoil -15%

1D Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 3.png Long course of the gas piston Over the course of a long stroke, the gas piston slightly increases the overall length of the weapon, but has a positive effect on the muzzle velocity of the bullet trajectory.
3500 RU

Bullet velocity +20%

1E Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 4.png Uniform system of forced cooling A symmetrical, forced cooling system for the barrel, passing through the ejector, protects the weapon from overheating.
4500 (v1.4005) / 3950 (v1.4007) RU

Rate of fire +15% (v1.4005) / +10% (v1.4007)

2A Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 5.png Automatic counterforce rotator An automatic counterforce mechanism moves away from the bolt, offsetting the recoil force.
3000 RU

Recoil -10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

2C Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 6.png Auxiliary recoil dampeners Auxiliary rollers reduce recoil.
3700 RU

Recoil -15%

2E Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 7.png Self-regulating counterweight When firing, this autonomous counterweight automatically changes its position, balancing the weapon and making it more comfortable to use.
4500 RU

Handling +25% (v1.4005) / +30% (v1.4007)

2F Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 8.png Open bolt fire A revamped firing mechanism increases the weapon's rate of fire.
4500 RU

Rate of fire +15% (v1.4005) / +13% (v1.4007)

3A Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 1.png Adding thermostatic frame parts A modification which shields the user from weapon heating.
3100 RU

Reliability +20% (v1.4005) / +15% (v1.4007)

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

3C Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 10.png External weapon ribbing A modification which requires great skill of the technician. Evenly distributes excess heat over the weapon frame.
3700 RU

Reliability +30% (v1.4005) / +25% (v1.4007)

3D Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 11.png Heavy-duty heat-resistant alloys Altering the weapon's material reduces uneven heating, improving the rate of fire.
3700 RU

Rate of fire +10% (v1.4005) / +7% (v1.4007)

3E Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 12.png Changing weapon geometry Changing the base weapon layout to a more modern one significantly increases its accuracy.
4500 RU

Accuracy +30%

4A Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 13.png Iron sights modification Increased iron sights allow the Shooter to hit the target more accurately.
3000 RU

Accuracy +10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005+)

4C Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 14.png Built-in spring dampener A spring with damping elements helps to improve the muzzle velocity of the weapon.
3800 RU

Handling +25% (v1.4005) / +20% (v1.4007)

4E Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 15.png Additional rollback dampener Located in the stock, a gas dampener recoil bolt group largely reduces the recoil.
4400 RU

Recoil -20%

5A Ui inGame2 upgrade RP74 16.png Polycarbonate box A polycarbonate ammo box increases ammo capacity.
7600 (v1.4005) / 4100 (v1.4007) RU

Mag. size +100


  • Mounted variant
    • Everyone may be used by the player and will prompt with a 'use turret' mouseover.
    • May not be taken into inventory by player.
    • Parameters are controlled by w_mounted.ltx in the gamefiles.
    • There are three placements of the mounted variant:
  1. The first is at the Military Checkpoint in Cordon where it is sitting in the middle of the road.
  2. The second is at the NPP on the grounds by some sandbag reinforcements where it might be used against the mutant rush.
  3. The third is located at the Military Checkpoint in Countryside.
  • Mobile variant
    • Parameters are controlled by w_pkm.ltx in the gamefiles.
    • For sale on a random basis by Arnie (v1.4000+) and Petrenko (v1.4005+).
    • Petrenko may sell PKM. But if you don't buy it, he will equip it. (v.1.4005)
    • If you fully upgrade durability, it can reach up to astonishing 16670 rounds.
    • Weapon is not changed by the v1.4007 PRM Weapons Pack.
    • There are two placements of the mobile variant on the board, both in Pripyat Underground (v1.4007 only?):
  1. In a dead end tunnel in the Roadway back to Underground.
  2. Within the bucket of the digging machine within the rail terminal.