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  • The player is equipped with a PDA at the start of the game which serves as the nexus for information subsequently discovered.
  • The player may acquire other PDAs from deceased NPCs or through other means which may be traded or dropped but the player's own PDA may never be jettisoned.
  • In order to conduct downloads from the various PCs that are discovered, it will be necessary to fit an Xray PDA Downloads module.

Data types

PDA description

  • When the player consults the PDA by selecting it with "P" on the keyboard the default view is of the Task list adjacent to a cut down Map window.
  • Within the Map area, there may exist various markers that will display a short message when moused-over.
  • The information that the player gains from these are referred to as a PDA description to distinguish them from the various other data also present in the PDA.
  • Generally speaking, these markers are volatile and are removed from the Map when a task is determined or a Stash has been altered or cleared.

Detailed task information

  • Each task may also have further information available is it's text/map button is toggled.

PDA information

  • Is not volatile and forms the player's Log in the diary section of the PDA.
  • There is a separate "Message history" section here that lists the most recent dialogues that the player has received and includes any incoming transmissions.


  • A general knowledge base for the various phenomena observed in LA. Any artifact recipes purchased will also be listed here.


  • With a suitably equipped PDA this section will also gradually become populated with data.