Got a job for you, Marked One...
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The New 100 Rads Bar is a minor location in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • When the original 100 Rads Bar was abandoned due to the mercenary attack, many of its residents fled to Pripyat Outskirts, specifically, the abandoned Chernobyl town. Barkeep and General Voronin settled in basement of a building there, where they set up shop and prepared to give Marked One some more storyline missions (though not all-necessary). A few lone stalkers also found new residence within underground bar, where they now hang around, play pool. Many Duty members live upstairs from it, sitting and playing music. A handful also patrol the streets outside.

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  • If the player climbs onto one of pool tables, all the balls can be carefully knocked into holes. However, this can be accomplished only on one; the other is not responsive to meddling.
  • On a hill behind building where new bar is situated, can be found a hill with small anomaly cluster. This anomaly cluster is a cash machine at very least: it spawns Night Star, Snowflake, Meat Chunk and White Sun artifacts at regular intervals which are, almost, completely safe to gather.


  • If the player has joined Duty and has occasion to visit Outskirts, entry to this location will be refused (too early in the game)
  • The player IS however able to communicate with the cloned residents of the New 100 Rads Bar without crashing the game. Conversation is light and will be unproductive.