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Sergei IVANOVITCHI MOSHIN Russian Empire and Belgium's Emile NAGAN formula designed by the bolt action rifle. Russia's Imperial Army in 1891 adopted types adopted types of weapons used. Russo-Japanese War, World War I, Russian Revolution and the Russian empire from the Soviet era to come and go with the M1891. 1930 to modernize the production of M1891/30 been released, the Second World War as a major weapon of mass-produced and used. Ammunition: standard 7.62x54 mm 7N1, armor-piercing 7.62x54 mm BP, sniper 7.62x54 mm 7N14.



  • In version 1.4007 item is mistakenly namedM1981 instead of M1891
  • Restored to the game in the latest versions as part of the PRM Weapon Pack