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Monolith are a well equipped faction and xenophobic religious cult that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • This group displays many features of a religious sect. It's members believe in the existence of a complex alien crystal, the "Monolith", located somewhere in the center of the Zone. Most stalkers treat Monolith adepts with contempt and consider them as lunatics. From it's inception the group strives to block all progress towards the center of the Zone, protecting the Monolith from other stalkers. Rumor has it that the group has a large base deep in the Zone, but it's exact location is known only to the members.


  • This faction recruits its members from an unknown source, has a pseudo-religious cultist belief in a fabled Monolith supreme entity and is inimical to all other factions except the Bandits.
  • Members genuflect to a hypothetical monolith or rudimentary simulacrum.
  • Regiments and companies of the faction may be found in Dark Valley, Radar generally and the Scorcher compound especially, in Outskirts as a guard at the entrance to X7 and notably at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The city of Pripyat contains their Headquarters.
  • They are absent in all other locations except Generators where they are not a problem for the player due to their location.


  • No faction member has lower than a Monolith suit for protection.
  • Veteran and expert ranks wear Scientific Monolith suits or Exoskeletons.



  • The cult-like worship that the members partake in leaves them vulnerable to quiet approaches.
  • The player may opt to avoid conflict with the faction during gameplay by agreeing to pay the required 'fee' when first encountering them in Radar. This allows for a later meeting with the Patriarch.